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Strange Horizons recruitment notice

The Strange Horizons Reviews Department is looking for somebody to handle receiving review copies from publishers and mailing them out to reviewers. This person would not be doing any editing, but would still contribute greatly to the department's work, and would get the side benefit of having literally dozens of new books passing through their hands -- nobody's going to complain if you read some of them before mailing them out again!

Primary qualifications are: a stable mailing address at which to receive books; access to a post office and shipping supplies; good organizational skills; and enthusiasm and dedication in spending a few hours each week on SH work, and dealing with workload spikes every three to four months when copies need to get sent out following a Call For Reviewers. Familiarity with the Yahoo Groups database system is a plus, but can easily be picked up on the job. Shipping expenses would be covered by Strange Horizons, as long as you can remember to keep your receipts.

To apply, please send an email to; include any information you think is relevant.

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