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does this count as productive?

In the last 36 hours, I've cooked chicken tikka masala (which was delicious), french toast (ditto), and rice pudding (which came out slightly less sweet than I meant it to be, but considering I'm intending to call it breakfast for the next few mornings, that's probably just as well). And today I dealt with some SH work, and finished off Majora's Mask. Which has an oddly poignant ending. I definitely liked Ocarina better, overall.

Random: Has anyone else played MM? I have no idea how I would've completed the final battle without having acquired the Mask of the Fierce Deity. But using it sort of feels like cheating, like using Knights of the Round in the last fight of FF7. Nonetheless, it was the only way I could find to knock down the initial floating-mask Majora; I only managed to score one hit after using about 15 arrows. I wasn't taking damage, either, so if I'd had infinite arrows I suppose I could've gotten past it eventually. And of course at the second stage, it starts shooting at you, and you can use your shield to direct the beam, so everything's fine from there on in. But still... how does anyone kill that first stage without resorting to the MFD?

I always feel a bit disappointed about finishing off a good game -- similar to getting to the end of a good book -- but somehow that effect seems to be magnified in the case of Majora's Mask. Odd. Possibly it's just that it's the first new one I've finished in a very long time... (I replayed Ocarina before doing Majora's, but I'd played it several years earlier.)

I also arranged for shuttle rides, for the airport...

I have to part with a very large quantity of money tomorrow -- deposit and first/last for the new place. Basically all of my cushion money; I'll have to put everything on CC during my vacation week. (Or pull some cash back from my line of credit into my checking account, so I can withdraw it as cash.) I really hope I'll manage to get somebody to take over my lease and buy the furniture... That would help a lot with short-term cashflow over the course of the next two or three months. Creating new debt, when I'm working on trying to get rid of it, is annoying. :-/

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