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Indian grocer?

Anyone know a good Indian grocer in the Mountain View region? I want to get some ghee (clarified butter) and some paneer (Indian cheese). Obviously I could make my own ghee if I really wanted to, and I was just talking to an Indian co-worker who's a foodie, and he said you can do a pretty good imitation of paneer by draining ricotta in cheese cloth overnight, squishing it into cubes, and then baking them at a low temperature for a little while. But it'd be easier to just buy the stuff. Considering how many Indian immigrants are working around here, there has to be a good Indian grocer somewhere -- I just don't know where. Does Ranch 99 carry Indian stuff? (I've actually stopped going there, because I can get mochigome, which is just a shorter-grain version of sticky rice, at Nijiya, a Japanese grocer that's a lot closer to where I live than the local Ranch 99.)

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