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Art for Smart People

Could you build a tower or an arch by tying rods together with wires?

I'm a big fan of Kenneth Snelson, and have been ever since I first encountered his work. As I understand it Snelson's work was ... misappropriated, shall we say? ... by Bucky Fuller back in the day, so for a long time he didn't get the credit he deserved. According to Slate's art critic, his artistic applications of the techniques he developed back then are still underappreciated; as one younger sculptor comments: "Art critics were the kids who failed high-school math."

PS: Yeah, I'm kinda stealing these images. But you can find the details of their credits if you go visit the Slate review. Which you should totally do, because it's very cool, and discusses some of the nifty scientific innovations that have come out of Snelson's sculptural work.


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