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Accomplishments of the Day

Hired a Contact Manager for the SH Reviews Department.

Edited the review for Jan 26.

Clipped the cats' claws.

Made delicious Navratan Korma (mild veggie-and-nut curry) for my dad's sister's family.

Finished MovableType module for capturing info from people's Greencine accounts, aside from final debugging. The lovely proprietress of smartablog posted a while back asking if somebody could adapt the existing Netflix code, and I've given it my best shot. I know I've at least gotten my parsing code right, but until somebody actually plugs it into MT, I won't know for sure that I didn't leave any stupid bugs like missing semicolons, typos, etc... That should hopefully get resolved in the next week or so. If it does work out, I want my official Perl Guru pin, dammit.

Oh, and just to follow LJ tradition: Go me!

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