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How does a guy get rid of fine wine around here?

I went to two parties over the weekend. I took my bottle of Grant-Burge Age Unknown Liquer Muscat to both of them, along with a half-pint of raspberries. (You pour the liquer over the raspberries, swirl, drink, then eat the raspberries. Very yummy.) I still have almost half the bottle. This is, I'm told, one of Australia's finest dessert wines. I picked it up while visiting the Barossa Valley, which was when I first started sampling wines... It certainly is very tasty, in any case. (I incidentally had a rather tasty Bonny Doon red at the Saturday night party, though now I can't remember exactly what it was. Drat.)

My roommate doesn't drink at all, and it'd take me the better part of a week of after-dinner drinks to take care of it, and I'm not positive it'll stay good that long, even with the vacuum stopper... Sweet wines last a bit longer than regular ones, but the taste still starts going off pretty quickly...

If one or more people who appreciate wine would like to come by and help me with this problem in the next few nights, I'd be happy to have visitors...

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