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Democrats do not, by themselves, decide the general election. *facepalm*

So winning only among democrats doesn't make you "electable". So, what is the stupidest possible thing a candidate running on electability could say? How about this?

Mr. Kerry's advisers noted ... that in Wisconsin, any registered voter is permitted to vote in the Democratic primary; 10 percent of the electorate here on Tuesday said they were Republicans, and 40 percent of them voted for Mr. Edwards, suggesting that the results here should not be seen as an indication of any general dissatisfaction among Democrats with Mr. Kerry.

Gore's campaign imploded partly because of media stupidity, and partly because of incompetence on the part of his campaign. I'd rather not see that again. The CA primary is coming up. I know who I'm voting for. Against. Whatever. *sigh*

Edited to add, on a totally different subject: Barbara Ehrenreich rocks. (Which is to say, she made the comment I wanted to see made, in the linked dialogue. *g*) At the laundromat the other day, a woman noticed me carefully folding my clothes and observed that I had to be the neatest man she'd ever seen. My mother raised me to care about chores, neatness, etc. I used to do laundry fairly often for an SO I was effectively living with (you know who you are), and I did most of the dishes and cooking with my more recent live-in SO... I've always figured if there are kids somewhere in my future, I'll play a role in raising them -- I already have a non-trivial library of read-aloud books (partly because, you know, I like reading aloud regardless). More men should discover the virtues of domestic godhood. *nod*


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