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I'm pleased to report that I now have a first-degree connection to one of the couples who've gotten married in the SF ceremonies. I was starting to feel left out! *g*

Also pleased that the cats were down playing with their fur mice, despite the presence of two (two!) other humans, one of whom they've only met maybe three times. I think they've gotten pretty comfortable with the place.

Lastly pleased that D~ and I have put up our various posters and other wall-decorations. I think I should be ready to host a housewarming around the end of this month, or early next. There will be tea involved, as I realized when moving that I have a ridiculous number of tea flavors stored up.

Not so pleased to report something that stuck in my mind from hearing it on the radio this morning... Colorado has decided to continue its tradition of attempting to challenge Iran for backwards thinking. First they had that ballot measure a number of years back to permit discrimination against gays (it passed by a large margin, but I believe got struck down by the courts); there've been sex scandals at the Air Force academy there, and with the football players in the state university system (both the recruitment side, where they sent 17-year-old recruits to parties that involved strippers, and possibly prostitutes, and another involving the administration protecting players from rape accusations -- the governor apparently said something recently about thinking that the victims bore some responsibility for going to "that sort of party" and getting drunk). Now, with the Kobe Bryant trial, the defense is apparently planning to challenge, on equal-protection grounds, a law that prevents the defense from using the old "blame the victim" strategy by introducing irrelevant anecdotal evidence about the victim's sexual history; some prominent gov't figure who was on the radio said she thought that a challenge on equal protection grounds made sense. Obviously not somebody from the prosecutor's office, since it's still their responsibility to, you know, prosecute, and taking down a high-profile defendant is always good for a prosecutors career. But still, it was kinda gross. :-P

You think maybe it's the lack of oceans, that makes them turn into raging sexist homophobic jerks? Maybe the sea wind clears out the mental cobwebs.

It's really unfortunate too; when my brother and I were driving cross-country, I really enjoyed the three days we were there. It's gorgeous country.

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