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Two things, one happy, one funny.

The happy one is that my childhood best friend's sister, who was mentioned a number of months ago when she developed leukemia, continues to mend (she was diagnosed as no longer having cancerous cells back in December, when I was out visiting -- I took her and her brother out for a celebratory dessert at the nicest restaurant in our city). She's also drawing an autobiographical comic, a la American Splendor, and sent me a segment. Quite amusing. Anyways, I called and left a message, and generally feel warm and fuzzy.

The funny one is that, while I disagree with the first part of Will Saletan's analysis of Bush (in particular, I of course think that Bush is a liar, though it may be true that he doesn't know he's lying), I do love the tagline: "President Bush. Strength and confidence. Steady leadership in times of change. He knows exactly where he wants to lead this country. And he won't let the facts, the circumstances, or the Constitution get in his way."

Now, off to feed the cats, and then go to Bab5.

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