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Some days I despair of my party affiliation.

I hadn't known until this morning that apparently the increase in audits of the working poor, allegedly to "stop abuse of the Earned Income Tax Credit", was started with Clinton's approval. WTF?!

It's been accelerated by Bush -- and his appointee as IRS director is the first guy to tout it in public, as if it were something to be proud of ('cos, you know, auditing people who couldn't possibly owe very much makes so much more sense than auditing wealthy individuals or corporations that hire lawyers to find loopholes to hide sums equivalent to thousands of times the income of a typical EITC audit victim) -- but the fact that Clinton started it just makes me completely despair of anything ever getting fixed, in terms of economic justice, even if the Dems took back Congress and the White House.

Must redouble efforts to get better voting systems put in place. :-P

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