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Last weekend and tonight...

So, I just got back from hanging out with kalistys. Quite the cultural experience. We watched a strange annual ritual in which participants subject themselves to the judgement of their tribe, reciting carefully constructed incantations and altering their bodies and appearances in ways that are mildly disturbing. Yes, the Miss America Pageant.

I think I'm a little disturbed that I correctly picked the winner.

Anyways. I was up in Sacramento this past weekend to visit the dragoncave of dragondawn420. We had dinner at a really nice little hybrid Czech/Italian restaurant called Trattoria Bohemia, and breakfast the next day at an upscale standard American place called Cafe Bernardo. Both quite tasty. In between, we saw Hellboy, which is goofy, but fun; you can tell the director is a fanboy, and it probably helped that the guy who created the comic was involved with the production. Also, I played with her cats a lot, especially Umbee, who is an orange tabby, and took great pleasure in shedding all over my black clothes.

I'm going to be out again tomorrow night, having dinner at Jardiniere, and going to the ballet with my old roommate from Berkeley. And of course I had a bunch of Bab5ers over last Thursday... Things have generally been pretty fun since the raise on Wednesday.

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