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Still the cutest cats in the world.

As has been previously reported, I have zombie cats. They like to lounge around in the afternoon looking dead -- they lie on their backs with their eyelids not-quite-closed (so you can see their nictitating membranes), their paws splayed at odd angles, and their tongues sticking out a bit.

I just got a picture of Tsuki in a fairly typical zombie cat pose. I might even post it someday, after I get around to processing the thousand or so pictures backlogged on my drive that are awaiting color/brightness/balance tweaking, cropping, and resizing. (No, they're not all pictures of my cats. Mostly they're from my Australia vacation)

Moments after I took the picture, she rolled a bit, causing her hindquarters to end up a bit off the bed. This led to the fleece she was lying on sliding off the bed, taking her with it. I walked around to see how she was, and found that she'd basically immediately rearranged herself on the fleece and gone right back to sleep.

Silly kitty.

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