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Holy shazbat!

What I find most amazing about this is the fact that it's debuting at only $4k. Which suggests that their estimate of having a serious system available for general use within 5-10 years is not unrealistic.

US firm Microvision has developed a system that projects lasers onto the retina, allowing users to view images on top of their normal field of vision.

It could allow surgeons to get a bird's eye view of the innards of a patient, offer military units in the field a view of the entire battlefield and provide mechanics with a simulation of the inside of a car's engine.

The system uses tiny lasers, which scan their light onto the retina to produce the entire range of human vision, reported the journal of the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Spectrum.

. . .

There is still work to be done but potentially the system could become second only to tapping into the optic nerve in terms of getting images to the brain.

It could provide three dimensional pictures in perfect colour, able to simulate near or distant objects with complete realism, which could provide gamers with an intense sense of reality.

Within five years, such systems could be incorporated into mobile phones or hand-held computers and appear to the brain as a brightly lit widescreen TV version of what is on the device.


Though I have to say that despite their reassurances, I have to wonder whether the retina might suffer the "burn-in" problem that plasma screens have if there's a static icon that sits around on the screen...


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