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Strange Horizons, exhaustion, and exploding cows-- I mean cars.

I finished responding to a backlog of SH-related messages. Only took me two whole evenings. Tomorrow, the summer schedule. Thursday, the new Call For Reviewers.

In other news, a car parked in front of my little neighborhood grocery, around the corner, spontaneously combusted this evening, sending up a quite impressive pillar of fire, sparks, and smoke, which was visible from my deck until the firemen showed up (the station's only a couple blocks away) and turned the lights show into steam. It was quite fascinating seeing how the parts of a car respond to fire. The horn was the first thing -- I guess it involves a compressed gas canister or something. It started going off but not at the constant tone you get when you just press the horn; lots of pitchbending. Annoying, but almost musical. When the battery went, it sent out a huge burst of blue sparks like a firework. And after the glass shattered, the doorframes around where the windows had been sort of wilted. Also, I think the paint was burning -- after the first blast from the firemen, you could still see flames crawling along the surface of the car. (Though maybe it was just that some flammable fluid had gotten onto the surfaces when various parts of the innards exploded.)

I closed the windows to keep smoke and fumes from getting in. But it was interesting to watch, once I'd determined that it was not an emergency calling for me to pack the cats in a box and get out of the house.

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