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Heart of the Beholder

I mentioned the existence of this film a while ago -- it's based on the true story of a video store owner who was persecuted by the Xian Right for stocking The Last Temptation of Christ at his store -- but the cast list has just been announced, and it's pretty impressive. The name that most of you will probably recognize is Michael Dorn, who played Worf on ST:TNG. But all the major roles have been given to people who have been in major big-screen and small-screen productions in the past. There's at least one Oscar nominee, a multiple Emmy winner, etc. Pretty cool.

Until production starts, small personal loans are still being accepted. I'm thinking of mine as more or less a donation, with no expectation of a return. But in theory, if the movie turns a profit, people who contributed will get paid back, with considerable interest.

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