Auros (auros) wrote,

Early morning and late night rides?

So, on Friday I am flying out to Phoenix to visit my folks. If I'm not mistaken, on Saturday and Sunday, my entire immediate family, including the two half-siblings, will be present in one place for the first time in maybe a decade. Plus there'll be the four members of the next generation. (Tremble and know fear, puny humans of Phoenix, Arizona!)

One minor issue is that I have not yet determined how I'm getting to and from the airport. The flight out is very early (something like 6am?) and the flight back is late (arriving at 11-something on Sunday night). This pretty much rules out public transit (CalTrain doesn't run early or late enough). I guess I could use SFO's long-term parking lot, but that's fairly expensive. If I can't find rides, I guess I'll probably just call the SuperShuttle...

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