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My favorite Onineko trick. Also glasses.

They've delivered two flies to me in the last half-hour since I got home from my eye appointment. This is actually a refinement over what they did last summer, which was to maim the things and then stand over them yammering for attention. Today, they seem to have decided to catch one, pick it up, bring it over and spit it out at my feet, then look at me expectantly until I grab it in a kleenex and give them some treats.

Hoshi is working on hunting down a third one as I write. Tsuki seems to have gotten tired. (Edited to add, about an hour later -- after chasing it all over the place, including up and down the stairs a few times, she got it. Now she is sacked out on the bed taking a well-deserved nap.)

On the vision front, my prescription has been determined, now I just need to pick out frames and go back to California Avenue Optometry (the most convenient place covered by my insurance -- and they turned out to be nice folks), so they can put together a pair of reading glasses for me. It's a very slight prescription, but it made a very noticable difference, looking at the charts and at a sample text.

Anybody with more of an aesthetic sense want to help me pick out frames? I think I kind of like that roundish wireframe neo-Victorian style... Not really sure, though.

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