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Movies. Opera.

Yesterday I saw Fahrenheit 9/11, with some friends from work. It is better than I expected it to be. Quite fun, if somewhat depressing. I really, really hope a lot of curious swing voters go see it. I saw Control Room (about Al Jazeera) the night before that; it's also worth seeing. Lots of nice documentaries out right now, and more on the way... It's amazing how thin the line is, though, between documentary and agitprop -- the right wingers' skein of "fair and balanced" fantasy makes the bare truth seem like provocation.

The Busoni Doktor Faust was... interesting. Or rather, the music was very interesting, but the staging was lame. I've seen good productions of various things with a contemporary look. This one was just kinda weird. Pamela Rosenberg has announced that she is not continuing as the director. I am not particularly upset about this.

My parents seem to be enjoying themselves; my old college roommate is in town and will be down for dinner tonight, and then there's the other opera, tomorrow, for which my Berkeley roommate, DEC, is joining us... (I occasionally think my parents like my friends more than they like me. Which is OK; I mostly like my friends more than I like me, too -- if I didn't, I'd just sit around the house alone all the time, right? *g*)

Had brunch at Cafe Brioche. Very full. Slightly sleepy. Debating between polishing reviews to be sent in to SH, or taking a nap.

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