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Attempt to be productive -- foiled.

There are two minor home-improvement things I really need to get done at some point: replacing the unopenable window on the top-floor landing with one that can open (at which point I'd be able to build a cat-run outside, put in A/C, and perhaps put in a dryer and run its vent out the window as well); and replace my bedroom door with one that has a catdoor in it, so I can close my door without making it impossible for the sisters to get in and out. I also want to replace my bathroom door with one that can actually be closed, though that's a lower priority. (It's not like it can be seen from the landing.)

I went by Home Depot, and was told that they don't carry anything in the sizes I need, for either. They directed me to a place called Belmont Plywood and Door, up in Belmont (go figure). Went there, but it was closed. Blah.

Vaguely considering DG tonight, though leaning mostly against. Anyone else planning on it?

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