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Gacked from rightkindofme. Try feeding a few variations on your name through Googlism, and find out what you are. Post some favorites.

Personally, I like the last one best... But the one about ducks is pretty damn cute too.

auros is expanding its mission to include reaching out to other contemporary arts forums and institutions so that the american art scene might be enriched. Yay, I'm enriching the American art scene!

auros is microbiological fertilizer rich with easily assimilable organic substances and phosphates. Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds slightly obscene? Yes? And I have a filthy, filthy mind? OK, just checking.

auros is a cooperative of plump ducks. Quack!

auros is obviously his new doorkicker. *kicks door*

auros is probably the only one i like. I feel loved! But hey, I like all of you, too. :-)

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