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Political query...

So, I pretty much know what the idea of "school vouchers" is, know the arguments on both sides. (I pretty much come down against, for reasons I won't go into at the moment. I do try to keep up with education issues, since I tend to think that educating the populace is important. Democracy means we all get the government the majority deserves; so I'd rather not have an ignorant majority.)

At the moment, I want to know what exactly a charter school is. My impression is that it's sort of like a magnet school... but different. (A couple friends of mine went to magnet schools in Montgomery County, in MD. So that idea I'm familiar with.)

In any case, apparently most teachers' unions oppose them, and this is now an issue which Republicans are trying to take advantage of. I do not have knee-jerk support or opposition for teachers' unions -- I in general am pro-union, but am aware that all large organizations are subject to corruption and conflicts of interest -- but this particular situation just seems weird. I mean, Republicans are the traditional mortal enemies of the teachers' unions. Shrub's Education Secretary (it was the EdSec, right? or somebody else?) pretty much called the unionized teachers terrorists.

So, uh, could somebody point me to a clear explanation of this issue? Or just give one here? (mickle, you still out there?)

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