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The interests meme.

Gacked from plymouth.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in...

  1. writing score: 37
    Uh, nope. I'm friends with a number of writers, both amateur and pro, but have little to no interest in actually writing myself. I come up with lots of throwaway ideas for sf/f gimmicks or settings, but don't pursue them. Occasionally I get the urge to write a poem or short-short (as with the recent parable). That's as far as it goes.

  2. science fiction score: 26
    It's a subgenre of speculative fiction, which I did list.

  3. books score: 22
    Too generic.

  4. neil gaiman score: 20
    Too specific; were I to list all the authors I like, I could run myself out of interests real fast.

  5. art score: 19
    Way, way too generic.

  6. history score: 17
    Too generic.

  7. sci-fi score: 17
    Evil, evil term invented by marketers. Properly pronounced "skiffy". Refers to pretentious crap like the Matrix trilogy, good (but not at all scientific) stuff like the original Star Wars trilogy, and lesser known silly B-movies like Buckaroo Banzai. Most TV stuff (including Trek and, though it pains me to admit it, B5) is skiffy. The actual literary genre is SF, not sci-fi or scifi.

  8. photography score: 15
    Nope. I'm not much of a shutterbug, most of the time. I do like looking at good art photos (there's a shop on Castro St in MtV that carries gorgeous nature photo prints), but it's not an artform that interests me enough for me to try to get good at it myself. (That's pretty much limited to singing and cooking.)

  9. coffee score: 14
    Hmm. I suppose... Possibly I should at that one, and tea (since I have like 10 different kinds in my cabinet at the moment).

  10. poetry score: 14
    See above on writing. And if it's meant in terms of reading the stuff, well, I do like it, and I own a few collections, but I don't get them out all that often.

  11. tori amos score: 14
    See above comment on Gaiman; the same goes for musicians.

  12. rain score: 13
    Eh, definitely something I enjoy, but not sure it merits adding. Besides, I like fog and mist better.

  13. tarot score: 11
    I don't believe in divination. Various techniques for it are sort of entertaining, and often provide a nice framework for recognizing things you didn't know you already knew. But they're not a serious interest.

  14. singing score: 11
    Ah. OK, that really should be on the list.

  15. drawing score: 10

  16. sleep score: 10
    If I didn't have to, I wouldn't.

  17. traveling score: 9
    I already have "travel".

  18. love score: 9
    I'm not entirely sure what it is. Though I do seem to recognize it (and like it) when I encounter it. Anyways, it's sorta generic and meaningless, as an interest.

  19. tea score: 9
    See coffee. I like chocolate better than both, anyways.

  20. literature score: 9
    Too generic. And I do already have "reading", which covers it anyways.

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