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Adventures in Cooking: faux custard

Ever wanted to make a custard or pudding, but felt too lazy or overheated to actually deal with stirring stuff over a stove, separating eggs, cleaning off stuff burned onto pots, etc?

I have the solution:

Lemon Supreme
from the Jordan Pond House recipe book

Zest two lemons into a bowl. Add the juice of the lemons and stir to make sure the zest doesn't stay in clumps. Add a pound of sour cream and a can of sweetened condensed milk, and stir. Put the mix into custard cups, mugs, teacups, or whatever you have handy. Chill.

Makes six to eight servings.

For such a braindead simple recipe, this is astonishingly good stuff. It goes particularly well with tart fruit pies or crumbles -- blueberry, blackberry, rhubarb, stuff like that.

I'm taking it to contribute to my aunt's dessert-and-coffee gathering this evening, because I know she's making blueberry pie.

ETA: I'll bet you could add just a teaspoon or so of of some sort of lemon liquer (maybe this?) to very good effect. (Or maybe an orange liquer -- that's Grand Marnier, right?)


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