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Just a day.

Had lunch with my aunt today. I needed to pick up an AIDS Walk check from her anyhow (my last one -- I raised $175, go me!) so I took her to pick up her car, and we went over to a little cafeteria-ish place at Mary and Fremont called Country Gourmet which was quite good; they made the best BLT I've ever had, and the apricot / nectarine / blackberry cobbler was none too shoddy either. Not too expensive, either, considering that both were large enough for us to split. In addition to the food, we had an interesting conversation about the economics of the medical services industry.

Didn't get a whole lot done at work, though my colleague and I did finish up some documentation for another attempt at patenting something... which I guess I can't tell you about, what with the disclosure rules. Though I will mention that trying to get a patent, as a Motorola employee, is really annoying. (Have I ranted in LJ about how much I hate Motorola's system for doing patents? It's basically adversarial -- you as an engineer / innovator have to persuade a panel that your idea is worthwhile before they even give you access to a lawyer to get it written up and submitted to the Patent Office. And of course, nobody on the panel actually knows anything about languages or text entry. And they're in Libertyville, and if you want to go out to present, the cost comes out of your own dep't's budget and you waste a day and a half getting there and back, so it's not like you can actually talk to them yourself, you just have to do your best to explain to some randomly assigned person out there who has zero stake in the matter, and hope they'll do an OK job.)

Came home to cuddly cats, which always greatly improves my mood. Tsuki, in particular, rolled over on the bed and peered at me through half-lidded eyes while I walked around the room, til I came over to the bed and gave her some skritches, at which she purred loudly, and wrapped herself around my arm. Then she got up and shnuffed around my face a bit, licked my nose, and bopped off down the stairs. Funny critters, are cats.

Dealt with mail. (Bills, political spam, more bills, credit card spam, yet more bills.) I'm thinking I may go to Andronico's in a bit. Can get their salad bar for dinner, and snag a few items I need that aren't carried at the little stores around here -- a good coffee storage canister, maybe a tupperware tub to replace the one that got lost at New Year's. It was just the right size for one recipe of sticky rice.

Debating whether I want to go to the House of Voodoo fundraiser for the SFGoth AIDS Walkers. Probably won't. I'm sort of feeling like a quiet, relaxed evening would be nice, tonight. The weekend should be considerably more exciting, methinks.

Update: Hmph. They don't seem to have the size/shape of tupperware I wanted (and even if they had, it was all with a different color top from the rest of mine, which would be annoying), and they don't carry coffee canisters. Or at least, not empty ones. On the bright side, I did get salad (and random other stuff we needed -- we were all out of rice!), and I got a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup, which I'd been meaning to do for a while. (I was getting by with a 1 and a 4. But really, the 2 is the most useful of the lot.) Also, the cats are still being obscenely cute.

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